Analytics Today, Ode to the Spreadsheet

This post is a brief ode to the spreadsheet, which paved the way for many to learn about how to organize information, collaborate, and analyze data. Spreadsheets played and/or still play a substantial parts of our analytical life. Data scientists can get a little smug in associating with technical tools, often inclined to discuss the latest and greatest. However, spreadsheets mostly likely still rule part of the workflow. It may be quickly inspecting the data, the best way to share information with non-technical people, or an accessible way to check results.

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Are certain legislative bill topics more likely to pass?

Data science is able to detect anomalies, such as fraud and security anomalies. Can it also be used to find sneaky political practices? Quantifying and featuring-izing the “messy” world of politics can elucidate order and truth. Politics is one of the most important yet uninteresting place to the public, who have everything to gain and lose from every day decisions. Note: This post was written before Trump was elected to office…

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